Royal Tunbridge Wells - Landscaping Project

Our Landscaping team created this tranquil outdoor room, for our client in Royal Tunbridge Wells.

The quality of the workmanship and finish by McNaughton’s on our garden room is exceptional and the company was a pleasure to deal with every step of the way, from the initial consultation right through to the final snags. I would not hesitate to recommend McNaughton's as professionals of the highest calibre.

Aida Boles

'Great things can come in small packages'

This project was undertaken in very central, Royal Tunbridge Wells in a garden where space was at a premium.

The garden vision was created by Karen McClure and the final product was curated by the client who had a very specific and gorgeous outcome in mind.

To create the best garden possible in the space to hand, design and creation had to be very closely knit to provide an aesthetically pleasing space which was practical and useable.

The requirements of the project where - to create a private area with attractive surroundings that could still be accessed from both sides and provide storage. All in a 4m x 6m area.

The client had previously had a bespoke set of black iron steps crafted to allow access from the ground level down to the existing garden level. Therefore to provide storage and not use up any standing room the natural solution was to create an under stairs cupboard which was finished with a Garden Trellis Co, privacy trellis, painted black door. This ties in very nicely with the black stairs and provides room to tuck away a reasonable amount.

For the flooring a Millboard Enhanced Grain, Smoked Oak, decking was chosen, it provides a natural wood effect with all the practicality of a composite material, slip resistance, greatly increased lifespan, and no age related deterioration to name a few qualities. A linear layout with the occasional change in direction and a main area border really made the bottom of the garden a feature. Combining this with the practicality of having through drainage allows a seamless surface with no sign of surface run off and an absolute elimination of puddles. To allow access to the alleyway a hidden trap door was constructed into the surface of the decking, above existing steps. Flush spotlights were installed into the decking to give warm lighting through the whole garden, extending the usability into much later in the evening.

To create a gradual elevation to the garden, a corner raised bed was constructed on two levels. This allows the eye to be drawn up the sides of the garden gradually and gives the impression of space without using up too much standing room. The walls were faced using a through coloured silicone render which reduces the visual effects of any damage it may suffer over time and can be used as a finished shade removing the need for painting. The beds where fitted with a hidden automatic irrigation system for year long ease of maintenance, and an extension of the garden lighting which illuminates the planting. Three espalier tress where planted in the raised bed to extend the privacy from overlooking properties and added a lovely natural green splash to the canvas. They were secured with a subtle stabilisation system.

The beds where subsequently planted by Karen who did a fantastic job and really put the icing on the cake, various large planters and pots where installed which give lovely spaces of colour through the garden and have the added benefit of movability!

Cedar slatted panels from The Garden Trellis Co where used for the three open sides of the garden to give privacy whilst still allowing an amount of air flow and light through. The vibrant burnt orange shade really gives a striking feature to the area and the scent of the timber is very pleasant and stays for a lengthy duration. To maximise utility a hidden gate was created in the fence to provide unhindered access from the alleyway allowing future access whilst maintaining the uninterrupted and appealing facade of the cedar. Combined with the hidden trap door the garden could open up to allow unimpeded access.

Another striking feature of the garden which was installed was a black painted, pergola which spans the width of the garden and has a bespoke laser cut, steel, roof to create a cozy and shaded area of the garden without loosing much standing room.

The end result is a highly practical and highly attractive result, a real jewel. Enough space to entertain, store, access, and relax in, all neatly constructed in a garden just a stones throw away from the centre of town!

The landscaping team thoroughly enjoyed the project and a combination of ideas from the client and the designer really made for a stunning final creation.