Tonbridge - Landscaping Project and Garden Maintenance

This fantastic garden was created by McNaughton's Landscapers in Tonbridge and is now maintained by one of our in-house Gardening Teams

McNaughton's Landscaping team undertook this garden build for a customer in Tonbridge.

The aim of the garden was to create an extended living area that was practical for children and adults without compromising on either. It features a large artificial lawn for ease of maintenance and all year round playing area eliminating wet muddy grass!

A quadruple square raised bed area, a timber frame greenhouse, a rear woodland area, an all round irrigation system a rear slatted fence and two raised beds with a row of clear stem pleached beach trees. The row of trees idea was to create more privacy whilst retaining the view of the lovely Victorian red brick walls and introducing an extra element of plant life to the garden. The trees where stabilised with a stainless steel anchoring system which is entirely underground giving the newly planted trees the much needed stability without the above ground staking kit. Each tree was also fitted with a root barrier system which stops roots growing laterally to an extent and encourages them down, this was the ensure the longevity of the brick walls adjacent to them.

The project was constructed alongside a variety of other trades people working on the property and was built in stages to accommodate the clients renovation works.

This allowed the client to have a completed house and garden almost simultaneously therefore creating a beautiful and finished property without further delay.

The garden was designed by garden Designer Jennette Emery-Wallis of Tunbridge Wells.

The project was very interesting to be a part of and was fantastic to see the progress throughout.

One of McNaughton's gardening teams now maintains this garden on a regular basis alongside the client.

I have worked with McNaughton’s on a number of projects and they are a pleasure to work with. Hamilton offers a high level of professionalism, is very personable, and his team produce consistently high quality outcomes.

Jennette Emery-Wallis

I had the pleasure of working alongside Hamilton and his team for a number of months on a recent client project. Hamilton is a consummate professional. When he agrees to deliver a quote - be it for his own services or sourced from a third party - it is delivered quickly, succinctly and with clarity.

Hamilton’s advice was always carefully considered, listening to the client’s wishes, and coming up with creative solutions when appropriate. Hamilton’s team managed hard landscaping, tree planting, smaller shrub, bulb etc. planting, groundwork and driveway preparation and, through third parties managed resin based driveway and artificial lawn installation.
On this particular project, where I was interior designer, Hamilton’s team had the difficult job of access only through an almost complete, expensively floored house. The team were fastidious about protecting floors, keeping all access areas clean, and were very respectful of the finishes of the project as a whole.

It is testament to the quality of the work, that the client requested that Hamilton’s team create a monthly maintenance plan which is now well underway. I hope we get the opportunity to work together again in the future.

Kate Malone