A McNaughton's Landscaping Project - Mayfield


McNaughton's team undertook this project for a family in Mayfield who wanted to re-build the top part of their garden into a large usable patio area with some feature areas, it was designed by Sarah Shirley and included some interesting materials. Copper brown clay pavers were imported from Belgium and used for the walkway areas and steps. Scottish beach shingle was laid in in two areas to create an easy to access planting area. The main fabric of the garden was changed across a large area to tie in with the new patio area and provide a more gentle slope to the garden. The patio surface is sawn and sandblasted Indian sandstone which was laid in rows to compliment the modern style of the house, this contrasted the vintage/traditional take on the paths and steps.

The finished product was a great transformation and opened up the garden allowing more light and space around the house and patio area, allowing stunning views.